Friday, November 4, 2011

A Thumbs up from the peanut gallery.

 As I put supper on the table and called the kids in to eat.  On the menu was GF breaded chicken tenders I had fried up, sauteed Kale greens  and some roasted potatoes.  The boys looked at the kale and curled their noses in unison.  I told them how good it was for them and they had to eat it.  We said our prayer and began eating.  One son who I will not name said "Once you get past how weird it feels in your mouth, it's not too bad."  Then the other boy agreed.  I think the Kale growers of the world should take that as a complement.  Our daughter loves it, but then again she has never had the bad for you junk food they have.  Maybe this healthy eating thing is taking off in the Buttry house after all.

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