Friday, October 21, 2011

Why cooking relaxes me.

Strange as it seems, cooking is relaxing to me.  I enjoy getting lost in my kitchen  and fixing supper.  I think in part it is a task that produces something attractive, and  something that is well received ( for the most part).  It is something that I start and finish in a matter of an hour or so.  Instant gratification I suppose.  I love the smell, the taste, the different textures. I truly love using my imagination in finding new ways to cook.  I enjoy sitting at the table and being with my family.  And yes I enjoy hearing the thank yous.  I do for my family in many ways, all very important.  They do need clean clothes, a  clean place to live, a push to do their  homework.  They do need guidance, love and instruction.  They still need driven here and everywhere it seems.  I do all of these things and enjoy caring for my family.  Maybe it is that these other things are NEVER done.  It seems I am always getting it done and yet never done.  I think that is why I love cooking supper so much.  I start it and finish it and see a job done.  I see the steps in the other things, but it is nice to complete something. At least till the next meal.
What is your favorite dish?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What a weekend!

 The older kids are back to school this week after a 4 day weekend.  We had a huge to do in our little town over the weekend.  The youth from our parish parked cars to raise money for their spring retreat.  They did a great job.  I have to say I am enjoying working with the middle school group, this is something I was not sure about when I said yes.
Home school was back in session for my little kindergartner as well.  We are now waiting on the roofer to come and give us a price.
Just to give you an idea on how many people we were dealing with I will include a picture from the weekend festivities.  Our little town has approx 7000 people in it, the county as a whole is about 25000.  So we are small.  But during this past weekend, we had approx 150,000 people grace us with their presence and confined to our down town area.
I hope your weekend was just as much fun.

This is just one street of the festivities.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

potato soup recipe as requested

 In the bottom of a heavy pot, drizzle with some olive oil. Take a chopped onion, 2-3 carrots diced small and a stak of celery diced and soften for a few min in pot on med heat.  Cut potatoes into bite size pieces, I used aprox 10 potato's.  Add to pot and then season with salt, pepper, red pepper, garlic powder then stir.  I then added a bit of country ham chopped up small.  I had about 4 biscuit slices worth.  Add a mix of chicken broth and water till about an inch over potatoes. Bring to a boil and then simmer on low for about 40 min.  Give it a love stir here and there to keep it from sticking.  Enjoy

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Rainy Fall Day

Today felt like fall.  The leaves are colorful and falling with the steady drizzle that fell from the sky. It stayed gray and dreary all day.  Today I am thinking of a family from my childhood, they are dealing with a sad loss from cancer. 
For supper I made a big pot of potato soup, it kinda helped with the chill in the air.  This weekend is packed for us with a big fundraising effort going on with the confirmation class I teach at our parish and a big festival here in our little town.  Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just the season I'm in

This week has been so busy and it is only Wednesday.  Not to mention the kids here where we are at on have 4 days of school this week due to a fall break.  I just seem to be running everywhere and doing 10 things at once.  Yesterday after homeschooling my daughter  till after lunch, I went to the middle school to help with a project they have going.  I then picked up my child there and went to pick up my 5th grader from academic team practice at his school.  After coming home I prepped supper while helping one son with a 4 page paper due Thursday and getting my other son working on his vocabulary words an keeping the youngest  "helping" with some housework. I then had to run to town (well I drove) to go to a booster club meeting for my child's music program at school.  I then came home again, I finished making supper and we sat down to eat.  By the time everyone got into bed and my kindergartner finally went to sleep, I was exhausted.  I still had to finish a load of laundry and finish my daughters school lesson ready for today. 
This of course is a typical day, not just for me but for all mothers with children this age.  My mother in law says I am in my summer season.  I know that before I know it, the kids will be grown and out of the house and I will be missing these fast paced days.  I don't mind them now, they exhaust me but I love them.  I just have to remember that I need to take time for prayer and I mean more than a quick Our Father or short morning offering as I make the coffee .  When I take the time to be silent with God, my day goes so much smoother.  I also think when I don't get to spend a few minutes  catching up with the kids each day, like if they are gone somewhere, I miss that.  God is my heavenly father so why should it be so hard to give him just a few minutes of my day. I suppose finding the balance is the key to this season so many of us are in.
Praying all of you can find your balance today also.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Her first sentence

Today has been a simple day like most.   And I got to be apart of a wonderful thing.  I was here to see my daughter read a sentence on her own.  This is her first year of school and we are homeschooling her.  This alone is a learning experience.  But today was a very good day as I watched the light bulb go off as she realized she can do it.  "Zac has a hat" will go down in our books as a first for our sweet Lily Rose.