Monday, November 28, 2011

advent for kids

We had a very relaxing thanksgiving weekend.  A much needed time for us to be together as a family. I hope you all had a weekend filled with good things as well.
We are now in the second day of advent.  I am trying hard to help our kids know the reason for this season.  I want them to focus their time on others more than themselves.  This is very tricky this time of year when every add and commercial is about here is what "YOU" need.  They of course will have Christmas presents and more than they need I am sure.  But I want this time before, this advent season to be a time to focus on the gift of Jesus and the love we need to share with others.
Here are two things we have started in our home.  The first is the Paper Advent Wreath.  I simply used cut outs from my daughters hand prints to make the wreath and the correct colors for the candles.  We simply light with our paper flames on the correct Sundays and made labels of what each represents under it.  We can talk about the Sundays homily when we "light" the candles.
The second craft is an easy paper chain with the Sundays in Advent made in the correct candle color.  Each night before bed  I have the kids take 1 link from the chain and they say a Hail Mary in honor of someone or something.  They choose who to say the prayer for but I give  ideas if there is a specific request they might not  have thought of.
I will add more things we are doing in family time later.  What is your family doing to prepare for Christmas?

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