Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sometimes you feel like a nut

What a crazy week.  What is the old add for the candy bar that sings "sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't"  That sums it up this week.  Lets see, Finally got the butterfly bush dug up and moved, though I fell on my rump pulling it out. I guess that is a plus to living out in the middle of no where.  No one to see you make a fool of your self.  Oh yes, I mailed a payment due, wait for it, to myself.  I was then confused for a second when I checked the mail and thought to myself, hey that looks like my handwriting.  Not sure where my brain was that day. These were just a few of my mishaps of the week.  Does anyone else have weeks like that?  On a positive note, I am caught up on laundry.  My washing machine got quite the workout today.  Oh, I have a big surprise for my little nephew Sunday night. His birthday present early.  Can't wait to share all about it.
I pray everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow.

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